Why is everyone so difficult

Hey started a job what a nightmare it turned out to be I’m so disgusted and disappointed. People have a lot of nerve I start the bathroom was just putting tile or redoing the floor so I dug in Andy as we all know it turned into a real big mess rotten joise and ship lap took tub out got into the some real fun with rotten and moidy  wood what a beautiful little thing we’ll dur to unexpected  shit the job turned into longer me more work higher price the price was good so the tenant comes home and starts telling me great job blah blah then the wife gets home and tells me it’s taking way to long and get my tools and leave so l did the fucking rough task of putting up worth the renters shit so I held my own well my mom over heard the argument and stepped in the home owners boyfriend try’s to make a move towards her a violent move I was and am just in awe at this situation and how They totally put themselves behind by being selfish and rude I’m pretty broken up about this I have never experienced anyone more unreasonable anyhow I always get things done and it comes out epicallyunreal they reallhy made me want. To run away and never come back I didn’t end up going back and tile the shower got the tub in call the plumber cuz the drain broke what a big problem that was its cast-iron under there just one nightmare to another in this place as most rentals go of course you should have called the plumber before Bubba Bubba blah I won’t everybody is rushing you and it’s just so difficult to keep things together in such a small job I can’t believe it when you got the homeowner the renter the plumber and everybody is trying to put their two cents in they could have just listened to what I had to say and it would have been done another putting laminate flooring on the walls like what the f*** is wrong with people unreal epicly unreal so then I go in for surgery and they’re still calling me you know just can’t recover properly and I’m just wow are people useless surely not everybody is like this so to bring a means to an end giving a bill and then I’m going to run hey do you know he hired a guy to take over and kind of finish the job well my plumber said he was just a f****** nightmare like you know cut himself cut the hole too big for the spout just incompetent I’ll try to find funny cuz he told me you was the best you should see this guy work and talk to my boss huge when you turned out to just be a nightmare so often times it’s better to just sit back keep your mouth closed let the contractor do his job and then don’t start Beacon off till it’s done unless you really see something that’s totally being done wrong are you have bad feelings but other than that I mean give a give a guy a chance to finish a job otherwise you’re just going to make it take longer more difficult everybody gets along and everything goes smoothly job shouldn’t be so long


Coming back slowly
Tiled yay
The toilet is in floor is in shower is tiled vanity is in yay
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Dogs really are epicallyunreal in every way and every part of there lives they are evolving every day and becoming smarter and more than important to us we take them for granted and we take our shit out on them not cool don’t ever take ur issues and be an asshole to ur dog because because something went bad at work or if you’re argued with your wife that day or your kids are acting out the dog doesn’t deserve to be thrown in the middle of that or doesn’t deserve for you to be taking your shit out on them either they know every time that happens and it really makes a lasting mark on their personalities and just there all-around character you can really make a dog Into a tool that just sits around and cowers every time you go near it and is scared of you. I have seen this before and it’s total bullshit grow up don’t take your shit out on anybody think about what you’re doing before you fuck with your dog remember who’s always happy to see you remember who your best friend is when you walk to the door after work remember whose line beside yeah you’re bad at the end of your bed waiting for you to wake up or on your bed taking up the whole thing which is cool don’t BS loser treat your dog with respect and love and careAnd your dog will be always there for you your best friend I will understand where you talk to them they will let you know when they need something they will give you attention as well as take attention treat a dog like you’re in one of your family members or even better because one day you might turn around and bite ya if it’s a bigger dog you should be walking it every day twice a day even he should have a yard he can access all the time not a fucking one bedroom apartment for a like a pitbull or Rottweiler and all they need room room to run it’s what they do and it’s just not right to keep the fucking things in a small kennel or in our house all day with no exercise and then come home and take your shit out on it like I’ve seen this happen before and it’s just it’s pretty sad yeah you never know there might be the one day when you need your dog to save you or you know something goes down and your dog to help you or dog could’ve been there for you but may not be and I Telya if I come across people do not have their dogs in a size of last time though probably see their dogs if I can help it I do my best to take them away without confrontation and find them better homes because no dog deserves a shitty parent.

A black moon will arrive on July 31st — Arcynewsy

CNN CNN Related content (CNN) – So you’ve heard of a blood moon, and maybe even a blue moon, but what about a black Moon? The phenomenon is repeated in North America on July 31st, the first since 2016. The rest of the world will have to wait until August 30th. But what does this…

A black moon will arrive on July 31st — Arcynewsy

how wierd is a black moon people wow the universe holds alot of little secrets and it is huge we will never even come close to understanding any of it and how do we know that what people assume is even close to right how do they predict shit when they havent been there or even come close i think we r so close to the end and we dont even know it `a lifetime to us is a blink of an eye to the universe. we r a pin head so we should be careful.

Up thru the night build a table delight 100% recycled wood makes it super good

You know I’ve been doing a lot of building of tables and small little projects just to kill time being on comp is very very slow and hard to get used to you know you can’t do nothing so here I am concocting tables out of recycled material 100 percent there good there solid there recycled what do you want these tables come from places that you never imagine one table I built out of an ottoman I found on the side of the road here on an old site another table I found the remnants of a bed hey it worked out it’s actually not a bad little coffee table so you know-tossed together but I can get into doing all the fancy stuff and you know doing fancy corners hide my screws plugs mortise and tenon dovetail. I think it’s all character you know how I make pieces that are just you can’t believe what I made them out of basically nothing pallets anything I could find on the side of the road that looks like it could build a table old lumber that I found in the back of farmers field I know when I get my shop set up I’ll get into that fancier stuff when i get my shop finished I got no space to work right now I’m working in my condo so it’s not a great spot but I make do the neighbours don’t like it the wife doesn’t like it but I got to do something thing so thank you to them and everybody who put up with the noise it’s been loud Hopefully I can get them online or maybe even on this blog and get a couple sales out of this I don’t want much out of it you know just whatever it’s all done by hand hand tools 100 percent recycled It was not much that I paid for but I do put a lot of time into it and it’s all unique stuff they actually turn out very very nice It’s almost like the different woods have a story of their own they come from the old barnyard or an old field that people have been storing shit in pallets anything that resembles what can be used to build tables or whatever else I come up with a lot of it can be outdoors stuff a lot of it is indoor stuff I enjoy it and will keep doing it I’m pretty sure it scares the dogs my wife gets annoyed really quickly the cat loves it she loves to be in the sawdust she loves to be vacuumed she’s quite the kitty cat we rescued her and she’s been the life of the party every day since the dogs she haunts the dogs popping out of nowhere scaring the shit out them I find absolutely hilarious no the cat has many hidden corners as do you my pieces of furniture I think the hardest part is choosing stains and or oils or whatever I can use that’s natural is best but sometimes I’ll buy some depending on the project get some nice words from like I don’t know I guess we foreign countries like South America I don’t know the Philippines Asia and some really nice hardwoods that come out of there on pallets kills me people using them for moving it’s so stupid what goes to waste so I try to get everything I can that’s interesting looking or has a cool pattern or is clear you know whatever I see I grab usually works out to something very beautiful or in my eyes beautiful and 100 percent recycled again yeah so I’ll include a pic of a table here and maybe tell me what you think or if you needed directions on how to build one or if you wanna buy one will put maybe put some phone numbers up there for you thank you and thanks for reading and thanks for following and liking appreciate it 100,000%.

This is my road warrior table made out of 100 percent grit and imagination it’s a real fun with license plates from 69 really tired out nice
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